• I’m back…

    13 Apr 2009

    Well, Spring Break is over (boohoo) and I’m back in full swing. My mind had a chance to clear while I was out and I thought of some new blog ideas that I’ll be posting soon. Plus I have some content that was recently published that I’ll be linking to. Also, I’m now writing for SearchCompliance.com (a great resource for us given how compliance is driving a lot of what we do) so you can expect to see some material from me posted there soon….and linked here of course.

    By the way, Happy Tax Freedom Day! All of us here in the U.S., on average, have worked to this point in 2009 to pay for government programs. Just warms the heart doesn’t it. Now we’re free. Woohoo!

    Hope your week’s off to a great start…be in touch soon!