• Dan Wheldon’s crash a harsh reminder

    17 Oct 2011

    IndyCar lost a great driver yesterday. When I first heard of Dan Wheldon’s crash and death I couldn’t believe it. I’m a big IndyCar fan and felt like I knew him – especially with the commentary he has been providing on Versus’ coverage of IndyCar this year.

    Driving a race car myself – albeit at a *much* different level – I can’t help but question the risks of what I do. Seeing these types of incidents rattles me to the core. It’s certainly easy to say: Well, Dan knew the risks every time he got into his car…maybe, but it doesn’t make it any better nor will it bring back the driver, husband and father we lost yesterday.

    I’m letting this incident serve as a reminder of just how fragile life can be and how important it is to spend quantity time with the ones I love. Something most of us probably need to work on.

    Rest in peace Dan and God bless you and your family.