• My new paper on BitLocker’s hidden costs

    16 Sep 2011

    I’ve been a fan of Microsoft BitLocker since it first came out. It provides a cheap and easy way for users to lock down their laptops and mobile storage devices and is especially helpful in small businesses where security knowledge is scarce at best. Although BitLocker protection can be bypassed, it’s still better than nothing – like WEP for wireless networks.

    Anyway, if you’re considering BitLocker as your disk encryption solution, I just wrote a new whitepaper titled The Hidden Costs of Microsoft® BitLocker® you may be interested in. In the paper I talk about some not so obvious costs and gotchas you need to think long and hard about if you’re considering deploying BitLocker in an enterprise setting.

    Interestingly, I have friends and colleagues at some large enterprises who are telling me their IT/security management is considering ripping out PGP or other commercial whole disk encryption tool in favor of “free” BitLocker encryption. I advise against this unless and until you know all the facts and think things through.

    Check out my paper here for more information.