• Networked IP cameras as vulnerable as ever…no excuses these days.

    30 Apr 2021

    You’ve likely heard the news about security cameras being vulnerable to exploits like what was covered in this piece:

    Breach Exposes Verkada Security Camera Footage at Tesla, Cloudflare

    I feel like I’m always talking in circles when it comes to security…stop repeating history, focus on the basics, do what you know needs to be done…It’s especially true for vulnerabilities in network security cameras. A little over nine years ago I wrote about this problem with cameras that I had been seeing for years.

    Let this be a reminder that everything on your network is fair game. If it has an IP address or a URL – sometimes even less than that – then it’s a target.

    The last thing you need is to show that you have security on your network in the form of cameras while, at the same time, leaving them wide open for abuse.

    Do the following over and over again and you’re doomed to success with your information security program:

    1. Know your network
    2. Understand how it’s at risk
    3. Do something about it

    A really basic approach, I know, but it really is that easy. So many organizations are deficient in one or even all three of these areas. Don’t let that be you.