• This is your crazy JetBlue captain speaking

    28 Mar 2012

    Anyone is capable of doing anything…that’s what comes to mind when I think about the JetBlue captain going mad on a flight yesterday. Here’s what I know…Just because someone has passed a background check, has a good references and has created a good track record for himself doesn’t mean he’s not capable of flying off the hook and doing bad things. This applies to pilots as in this situation and it applies to your own users when it comes to information security.

    Sadly, as with doctors, law enforcement officers and the like, we typically hold pilots on pedestals without question. These are the people we look up to assuming they’re well put together and always doing good things. This is not always true. We have to trust, but verify…yet still, we never really know. I’m just glad the JetBlue co-pilot and passengers executed a worthy backup plan. Great reminder we always need a Plan B…especially today if you work in JetBlue’s PR department.