• Introducing my new book – Hacking For Dummies, 3rd edition

    11 Jan 2010

    Well, after months of edits, additions, and subtractions my new piece of work has finally arrived: Hacking For Dummies, 3rd edition
    Hacking For Dummies, 3rd edition

    I just received my copies last week and it should be in bookstores any time – if it’s not already. Hacking For Dummies, 3rd edition is also available on Amazon.com (at a 34% discount to boot!).

    So, how is this 3rd edition different or better from the previous editions?
    In this new edition, I believe I’ve finally gotten it right. Technical books such as this are works in progress. There have been so many changes in the world of information security since I first wrote the book in 2003 – new tools, new hacks, and even some new testing methodologies – even since the 2nd edition that came out in 2006 – that I knew an update was due. I’ve also grown and learned a lot over the years in my work performing independent security assessments which has really helped me to fine tune the content of the book and make it into something valuable. In addition to a lot of fixes and tweaks there’s plenty of new content on Windows 7, storage systems, Web applications, databases, mobile devices, and more. New tools, new techniques, just what you need for (in Wiley’s words) “Making everything easier!”.

    What’s the book about?
    It’s about using a malicious mindset to test your systems and your IT operations for weaknesses so you can plug the holes before the bad guys exploit them.

    Who should read this book?
    From IT Directors to system administrators to compliance officers to security managers – basically anyone responsible for information security and privacy in their business or for their customers. There’s something in it for everyone. There’s a lot of non-technical content outlining the ethical hacking methodology, managing security changes, and so on that managers can benefit from as well as all the right technical details that IT and security specialists need to know to bring out the worst in their systems.

    One more thing…it’s a shameless self-promotion but it bears mentioning. I was told by my publisher, John Wiley & Sons, that factoring in the number of editions and time on the market, Hacking For Dummies is/has been the top selling book on computer security. I had no idea. Very cool – and I couldn’t have done it without those of you who have bought it! Thank you very much.

    Now help me maintain my momentum and go buy a copy of the 3rd edition! 🙂 You won’t be disappointed.

    One more thing, if you have your own blog or other outlet and would like to get a review copy, please contact me and I’ll work with Wiley to get one out to you.