• Google’s privacy policy…who really cares!?

    03 Jun 2008

    Here’s an interesting request by privacy and consumer groups to strong arm Google into posting its privacy policy on its home page. Apparently it’s the law in California, but as we see day in and day out (especially in the state of California!) the rule of law doesn’t really mean that much. It’s majority – I mean mob – rule now in what used to be our Constitutional Republic.

    I don’t necessarily fault Google for this. Their clean home page has always attracted me to their site.

    I’m of the belief that consumer/privacy groups and the government have no place to step in to help ‘guide’ us to a company’s privacy policy. If anyone’s concerned about their privacy, a few clicks will point you right to it. Or, you can just use Google’s site query as follows:

    site:www.google.com privacy

    It comes right up! 😉

    Not that I trust Google on issues like this! I’m just saying…