• Magazines going “green” – law of unintended consequences??

    02 Sep 2009

    If you’ve been following me for long you know that I’m no fan of the religion of “global warming”. That said, I’m all for each person taking responsibility and doing the little things that add up to protect the environment. You should see our recycle bin at home – it’s a 40 gallon bin that gets filled up within 4-5 days. Then we have to wait another week for the recycling pickup while all our junk to be recycled stacks up. I digress but you see my point.

    Well, I’m also not a fan of magazine publishers doing away with their print rags – usually in the name of “going green” (I know, for some, it’s a matter of survival). Anyway, I just wanted to make it known to these publishers – Software Test & Performance comes to mind – that I used to read your magazines all the time at lunch during the week, at home on the weekends, on airplanes, etc. But now that you’re sending them electronically, they’re just getting mixed in with most of the other noise in email hell and eventually ignored and deleted. A big reason for this is that I don’t like reading much more than a short article on the computer screen. The flickering of the LCD screen drives me nuts and wears my eyes out. If I do remember to read the issue you email me I end up printing the pages I’m interested in.

    How’s that for the environment? Kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me. Maybe I just need to get a Kindle.