• Interesting findings from Venafi on encryption management

    04 Nov 2010

    Information security vendor Venafi released a survey at the October Gartner show that has some interesting findings related to encryption management:

    • Organizations anticipate a 27% year-over-year certificate and key inventory growth rate
    • 85% of organizations manage encryption certificates and private keys manually via spreadsheet and reminder notes
    • 78% of organizations have experienced system downtime due to encryption failures in the past 12 months

    Given what I see in my information security assessments – how many in IT often struggle to find newer ways of managing and securing their environment – none of this surprises me. It’s often home-grown solutions sticking around, the general perception that policies can be enforced and processes can be followed without the right technologies in place and a general lack of leadership in/around IT.

    Still interesting insight from the survey nonetheless…apparently there’s still some room for improvement – even with something as niche (given the big picture) as encryption management.

    Apparently Venafi is conducting an extended encryption management survey to dig even deeper on this data. Might be worth checking out to see how your organization compares