• What’s wrong with this picture…Circuit City?

    21 Jul 2008

    I just stumbled across this “file sharing” site featuring my book Hacking For Dummies…for free download of course. I know, I know, they’re not doing anything illegal – they’re just providing a way for people to share files. Yeah right. The interesting thing I noted was the “legitimate” companies advertising on the site. WOW…I’m sure the executives at Circuit City would be so proud to know that they’re helping sponsor criminal – I mean legitimate file sharing – activity.

    I wonder if someone in marketing at Circuit City was doing some illicit (I mean legitimate) surfing at work, came across this site, and clicked the “Advertise Here” link. I’m sure their IT folks had a security policy against this type of computer usage.

    Just damn. I think I’ll write Circuit City a letter.

    You can’t control this “file sharing”…It’s the “free” market after all, right? Capitalism at its worst? In the end these people doing this stuff have to live with themselves and their actions.