• Responsibility & action come from individuals not government

    24 Jun 2010

    Being in DC and Chicago this week watching local news and observing all the bumper sticker slogans reminds me of the saddening enormity of how all this change we can believe in is impacting our country and the future of our families. The thing that stands out the most is the lack of personal responsibility and the dependence on government to handle all our woes – both in our personal lives and as it relates to information security. It’s always someone else’s problem….and the government can come to everyone’s “rescue” such as Joe Lieberman’s ridiculous “Cybersecurity (Government Growth) Bill” government growth bill. [I haven’t even gotten started this…more to come].

    Well, I was reading in USA Today today about how locals in Orange Beach, AL are NOT waiting on Obama or BP to protect their coastline. Instead, the local government hired engineers themselves to fix the problem. And it’s working! You’ve got to read the story. It’s very inspiring and it shows that there is hope in mankind – like these people who take the initiative to fix what’s happening in their area. No big government needed to do that.