• Imagine if we ignored our customers

    03 Feb 2009

    Imagine that you had the ability to ignore your customers. Either external clients or internal people in management, HR, marketing, developers – you name it. What if you ignored their requests for your assistance regarding information security? You’d eventually be out of a job, right?

    Well, us little people have to focus our energy and choices on making people happy if we want to keep our jobs and stay competitive. On the other hand, big corporations…not so much. The companies who love to live the “customer no-service” mantra simply don’t care and it often shows. But who cares? Ticking off one or a hundred customers isn’t going to affect their bottom line all that much. This occurred to me because I’m getting that type of customer no-service from AT&T right now.

    I use AT&T’s CallVantage VoIP service. It’s actually been pretty decent to me but their voicemail management functionality on their Web site is less than stellar. I submitted the following request to them recently:

    Will you please consider adding the following two features to your online system:
    1) the ability to select *all* voicemails at once rather than having to click every single one when deleting them (this is a repeat suggestion from about 3 years ago)

    2) an email notification that my voice mailbox is near capacity or full. A pretty basic feature considering how embarrassing it is to have people tell your mailbox is full.

    ….I’m sure this request will be ignored.

    AT&T excused their failure in advance by telling me I won’t hear back from them on this request. Wow…what a way to treat people – especially customers. Thank goodness for competition!

    Oh, and let me apologize in advance in the event you call me and it says my voicemail box is full…just know that I’m working on it!