• Point about users & malware I’ve been trying to get across

    26 Sep 2008

    I feel as if my opinion on a malware-related security vulnerability I’ve been pointing out for years has been validated. By actual research!

    Here’s the deal: It’s when users get pop-ups/dialog boxes from web sites, etc….All they want to do is get rid of it, right? It’s human nature. They don’t care which option they click or what the outcome may be. I’m guilty of doing the same thing. It’s something you have to stop and take the time to think through. But our society of instant gratification has programmed us to do something about it NOW regardless of the consequences.

    Well this is the essence of why we’ll always have computer security problems. Because we can’t protect people from themselves. To quote Chip Andrews from his excellent SQLSecurity.com site: There is no ‘patch’ for stupidity.

    Check out the story and link to the research findings here.