• People Behaving Badly and information security’s tie-in

    19 Sep 2016

    Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to the Bay Area in California to record an information security video (thanks Intel and TechTarget!). Of course, I couldn’t travel across the country and not see the sights of San Francisco. A most excellent highlight of the trip was for my son and I to meet television and social media celebrity, Stanley Roberts. My son is a huge fan of Stanley’s, has learned a ton from him (me too!), and was over the moon-excited to be able to meet him in person.

    I wanted to share with you Stanley’s videos (a really good “best of” is below) and how his work relates to what we do for a living. Stanley catching people in the act of doing bad things intentionally, or perhaps through ignorance, is the very thing that drives the field of information security today. It’s the essence of my previous blog post from today and my whole shtick about if we just addressed the basics of security (followed the core best practices and rules) we wouldn’t  experience the consequences.

    Stanley, we need to figure out how to do something on “people behaving badly with computers”!

    Check out Stanley’s YouTube channel or, if you’re in the Bay Area, KRON 4 News…I think you’ll enjoy it. If anything, beyond the laughs, you’ll see that crazy human behavior is across the board in all aspects of life, not just in IT and security.