• Evanta CISO event and why St. Jude’s has it right

    26 Jan 2012

    This week I had the opportunity and privilege to serve as a panelist on mobile security at the Evanta CISO Executive Summit in Atlanta. What a neat event…it wasn’t just another infosec show. It was unique in its focus and well run by Corrine Buchanan and Mitch Evans who always seemed to have a smile on their faces – something we don’t see enough of at these types of shows.

    Another thing was a St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital video they played featuring Marlo Thomas talking about her father’s work with the hospital. She said something about the hospital regarding its mission that stuck in my mind: “Don’t just treat kids. Let’s try to figure out what makes them sick.”

    Great approach with an interesting information security tie-in: Don’t just throw technologies and policies at security…find out what’s actually at risk. Indeed, we have to be smart in using the resources we’re given.