• Solid backup/imaging tool worth checking out

    12 Jan 2008

    If you’re tired of the same old complex backup software or you have some select systems you can’t afford to take the time to completely rebuild after a drive crash, theft/loss, etc. check out Acronis True Image. It’s an imaging program like the original Ghost application from the ’90s but can also perform select data backups. They have a version for Windows Servers, Linux, and SQL Server as well. The neat thing about True Image is that it will perform an image of “live” systems meaning you won’t have to reboot into a controlled OS environment in order to get the image. You can perform a full image backup and keep working at the same time.

    Although I haven’t used it, True Image also has the ability to restore an image to a new set of hardware which is pretty slick given the complexities in doing this with the Windows registry, etc. It’s simple without all the fluff features the enterprise applications have that most people never use. Right up my alley.

    I’ve been using True Image Workstation for about five years and I must say it’s gotten me out of a bind several times. It’s also saved me hours of work over the years when I have to rebuild my Windows system every 6 months or so (you know the drill, right?). I just backup my current system, restore a master image I created with all my applications installed, restore the select data off the last image I made, and I’m done. Well, I’m done once I get the hundreds of new Microsoft and other vendor patches applied. I’m about to deploy their server version couple of systems. Hopefully it’ll work just as well as the workstation product.