• One of the best infosec books ever written

    15 Jul 2009

    I had the opportunity and pleasure to do the technical editing on this book by my friend and colleague Becky Herold:
    The Shortcut Guide to Understanding Data Protection from Four Critical Perspectives

    This book is hands-down one of the best books out there on information security and why it matters to the business. Becky doesn’t simply regurgitate the same old stuff either (not that I would expect her to). She has many original thoughts and great anecdotal stories to boot. You have to read it….and tell your CIO, CTO, and compliance manager about it as well. It should be required reading for anyone who underfunds, questions, or otherwise doubts the value of information security.

    BTW, did I mention it’s free? Just sign-up with Realtimepublishers.com (a great source of IT and security content) and it’s yours for the taking.