• Great backup solution for laptops

    25 Feb 2009

    I haven’t mentioned one of my favorite products lately but it deserves repeating. It’s Acronis TrueImage Echo Workstation and it’s a great way to backup those laptops that no one seems to be backing up. Seriously, from what I can tell in my work, if users aren’t backing up their own laptops then no one is doing it. What a shame…what a gaping business continuity hole. [FYI: Acronis makes server products as well].

    Anyway, if you’re looking for a good solution – even if it’s for users to run at home on an external hard drive you’ve supplied or mandated – definitely check out TrueImage Echo Workstation. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been pretty decent all along. However the Acronis folks seem to have gotten it right with the latest version. No, it’s not without its faults and instabilities but what is?

    Here’s a screenshot showing some of the backup options you have to choose from.
    The notification options are flaky but I really like that you can encrypt the backup image files and adjust the priority while backups are running. Did I mention you can make full image backups while Windows is running and users are getting other stuff done on their system? Now if it just had a pause feature to pause backups mid-session…