• Canon’s digital camera image originality not so original

    10 Dec 2010

    How’s this pic for an attention grabber?!

    Well, the folks at Elcomsoft have done it again. This time they’ve discovered a vulnerability in Canon’s Original Data Security system demonstrating that digital image verification data can be forged. Apparently Canon has yet to respond.

    Why is this a big deal? Well, it’s impactful for the media, for forensics investigators, and for those of us in infosec as digital images are used in many aspects of what we do.

    Don’t test the authenticity of this Einstein photo since the original “hacked” version has been modified by me uploading it to Blogger. However, some originals are here. Dmitry Sklyarov’s presentation that covers all the technical details behind the discovery. Very interesting stuff.

    Also, if you’re not familiar with Elcomsoft’s tools, you’ve got to check them out. Lots of neat stuff written by a group of sharp people who are helping to drive security in ways that affect practically every aspect of business and lives…especially with this discovery.

    Fingers crossed waiting for them to write software involving homes and automobiles one day! That’s the next frontier of infosec of which we’ve just cracked the surface.