• Buying, selling & consigning used hardware great for IT budgets

    21 Sep 2011

    In IT and information security we’re required to come up with creative ways to save money any way we can. Well, how about this novel idea: buy used network and computer hardware, or sell what you’ve already go so you can upgrade.

    A good friend of mine works at a company (Riverside) that does just that. They buy, sell and consign used network and computer hardware to help businesses save (or make) money. If you’re looking to “earn” some budget dollars, Riverside will buy your equipment from you – apparently something that most used hardware brokers/sellers don’t do.

    Is it just me…why aren’t we seeing more of this in today’s “green” world. You won’t find me kneeling at the altar of “global warming” but I most certainly believe in recycling and buying used wherever possible. It helps the environment and seems like an ingenious way to save IT dollars already budgeted and, if selling, actually add some dollars to the bottom line.

    Never forget that the people who add the most value in and around IT are the ones who will ultimately rise to the top. Buying and/or selling used network and computer hardware seems to me to be a great way to go about doing so. Just some food for thought.