• Aiming for the CISSP? Check out this book.

    14 Aug 2012

    I recently completed the technical edits for the new book CISSP For Dummies, 4th edition. It’s a great book (not because of my contribution!) that I wish I would’ve had when I was studying for my CISSP test back in 2001. If you’re prepping for the CISSP exam or just want to brush up on the fundamental concepts of information security, this book is a must-have. Just keep in mind what I’ve always said, certifications are only part of the information security career equation.

    Interesting side note: Years ago, around the time I first wrote Hacking For Dummies, Wiley  approached me to write CISSP For Dummies. I had too much going on at the time so I declined the offer. Now that I see what this book has evolved into, I’m glad I didn’t agree to write it! I believe Peter Gregory and Larry Miller did it more justice than I ever could have. Check it out.