• A wireless security assessment tool you can’t overlook

    21 Aug 2008

    Many people tout how great open source and freeware wireless tools are for finding and exploiting wireless network vulnerabilities – myself included. However, if you’re performing a wireless assessment, you don’t want to overlook the value the commercial tools have to offer.

    The commercial tool I’ve been using for a while – since before I co-authored Hacking Wireless Networks For Dummies – is AirMagnet’s WiFi Analyzer (formerly their “Laptop” product). It’s not only super easy to use (except for a few licensing things that bug me), it’ll also will find some stuff that’s otherwise easy to overlook using lesser tools, and it can do something that most of the freebies can’t: generate professional-looking reports…something that most managers want to see these days.

    In a follow-up post in the near future, I’ll show some screenshots and just what can be done with WiFi Analyzer in the context of a security assessment.