• SecureWorld Expo better than ever

    04 May 2011

    I attended this week’s SecureWorld Expo in Atlanta and must say that the show is better now than ever before. I cut my professional speaking teeth with these guys speaking at dozens of their events between 2003 and 2007. I’ve taken some time off since but going back and seeing some of the same friendly faces brought back good memories.

    The best session I attended was William Hugh Murray‘s keynote on Tuesday morning. He spoke about addressing the basics of information security – something I’ve been ranting about for a while. He had story after story about the value that addressing the simplest of information security concepts can provide to any given organization. On top of that, he’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever witnessed at a security show, really any show. It was refreshing to see someone speak from experience based on pragmatism rather than speak FUD based on narcissism.

    Anyway, the show has come and gone in Atlanta, but if it’s headed to your area, it’s certainly worth checking out.