• Interesting sights at #RSAC 2014

    03 Mar 2014

    I attended the RSA Conference last week…there was a lot of the same security nonsense (see my posts below) but a very good show nonetheless. You should attend next year, especially if you’ve never been. With 25,000+ attendees and more vendors than you can ever imagine in this space, it’s a spectacle.

    Speaking of “vendors”, one thing that struck me as interesting – what government employee was ballsy enough to use our tax dollars for this fancy setup on the expo floor?:

    And, interestingly, right around the corner was this company:

    Too funny! Perhaps a thumb in the eye to our national spies? Someone, somewhere had a sense of humor – good to see in an industry that takes itself too seriously most of the time.

    What I really want to know is, who was ignorant enough to let anyone at either of these vendor booths scan their badges! Well, not that the NSA weasels don’t already have that information. [On a somewhat related note, NSA: what’d you think about that breakfast I just had?? Yummy!]

    On a (slightly) more serious note, here are 3 of the 4 blog posts I wrote for my friends at SearchSecurity.com while at the show you might be interested in:

    RSA keynotes highlight information security mistakes

    The ridiculous emergence of ‘cybersecurity’ (thanks to the federal government)

    Security topics that have come of age (that you need to keep on your radar)

    Have a great week!