• Legalese in email footers is useless

    20 Apr 2011

    Ever get annoyed by those email footers telling you what you can or cannot do with the email you just received? Yeah, me too. Here’s an interesting bit from Consumer Reports that talks about how those legal disclaimers in email footers may be legally useless.

    It’s funny, every time I see them (they’re in about 60-70% of the non-spam emails I recieve) I think it’s yet another representation of the American way to disclaim any personal responsibility. If anything goes awry when sending an email, it’s someone else’s fault.

    Furthermore, as Consumer Reports mentions at the end of the article, the run-on sentences end up using more ink and paper when emails are printed…wonder what the “global warming” crowd thinks of that? Now there’s an opportunity for the the anti-capitalism movement that I might consider buying in to.

    Anyway, however you see this issue, be sure to speak with your legal counsel first before making any rash decisions (like reconfiguring Exchange to drop these email footers once and for all). 😉