• Imagine signing off on something you haven’t read

    20 Jul 2009

    Jeff Jacoby with the Boston Globe made an excellent point in his article regarding the Read The Bills Act (the law we need to prevent our own lawmakers from carelessly passing laws they haven’t read nor understand).

    Jeff said: “Senators and representatives who vote on bills they haven’t read and don’t understand betray their constituents’ trust. It is no excuse to say that Congress would get much less done if every member took the time to read every bill. Fewer and shorter laws more carefully thought through would be a vast improvement over today’s massive bills, which are assembled in the dark and enacted in haste. (Rep.) Steny Hoyer chortles at the thought of asking members of Congress to do their job properly. It’s up to voters to wipe the grin off his face.”

    Imagine if you or your management did this in the real world with security policies or security assessment or audit reports? Talk about dark draconian days for security, and users, and business. Would be the ultimate example of not thinking long term. Get my point?