• C’mon Feds – what’s taking so long with the breach notification law?

    06 May 2008

    You’ve probably gathered that I have little respect for the intent and abilities of our Imperial Federal Government here in the U.S. Our “leader” politicians stay busy developing gimmicks like the gas tax holiday instead of coming up with real solutions, arguing about “global warming“, making the evil rich pay their fair share of taxes (yeah right!), and prying into Major League baseball steroid use.They have their hands in virtually everything they shouldn’t and nothing that they should. Like legislation that gives companies and organizations an incentive to protect our personal information scattered about the electronic oceans of the world. Talk to anyone who’s been a victim of ID theft and we soon realize that it’s no fun being on that side of the equation.

    Apparently, there’s six federal breach notification laws in the works, but nothing really happening. Think about it though. Where’s the incentive? Our representatives in government really only pay attention where people are speaking the loudest (and have the most money): business, lobby, and special interest groups. They don’t hear us little people. You know, the people that they work for. They seem to have forgotten about the function of government.

    Although it’ll surely help simplify the notification process, I don’t want any new federal breach notification law for businesses. I want it for me. For when my information is mishandled by careless employees in organizations with network admins and security managers who don’t have the resources or take the time to find out just where the vulnerabilities are. You wouldn’t believe the weaknesses I see in this area…

    Come on Congressmen and Senators! Channel your energy on things that really matter. Focus.