• Questions posed to me about information security careers

    21 Aug 2008

    Here’s another security career question from someone who is about to graduate with an IT bachelor’s degree and is planning to work in the information security field:
    “…What is the best certificates you can recommend on information security to go through these days? How about going through Cisco Networking certificates such as CCIE. Is it better than CISSP? Actually I’m confused about either Cisco or CISSP. Should I be employed first before I start thinking about the certificate?…”

    My response was:
    “Thanks for the email. The CISSP is the top-level security certification but the Cisco cert is much more hands-on and more difficult and it’s pretty specific to networking – not just security. Both require experience so you may want to shoot for a more entry-level certification first such as CCNA, SSCP, Security+, or Certified Ethical Hacker. Also be sure to check out my audio programs at securityonwheels.com/audio.html. I’ve got two available for purchase now that are right up your alley.”