• When you can’t find a job, just sue your school?!

    14 Aug 2009

    I’ve been out of commission this week updating my book Hacking For Dummies and fighting computer problems (more on this later)…but I’m *finally* getting back into the groove and wanted to share this.

    It’s a case of today’s gimme mentality rampant around the world. Apparently a student who couldn’t find a job after graduating from Monroe College sued her alma mater for not helping her find a job. Wow, so not only is the government supposed to provide everything to everyone but institutions of higher education are supposed to guarantee work?? I don’t think so.

    I wonder how much networking Ms. Thompson did. Or how much she volunteered so she could gain experience and become more valuable to prospective employers. I wonder if she had a blog and presented at local Kiwanis Club and business association meetings. There are so many things you can do to find work and become successful in IT. I doubt this stuff was even on her radar. Reminds me of union workers walking the picket line…is there nothing better you could be doing with your time?

    You know if it was that easy Ms. Thompson – where everyone was entitled to the same things rather than each person working really hard for them – we sure would live in a boring world.