• Want to be a security expert? Just start a blog & a Twitter account

    24 Sep 2010

    I find it intriguing how may security experts there are on the Web with zero credentials to back it up. I especially see this with former journalists and reporters turned infosec pundits. It seems that so many of these people who used to write for newspapers and computer magazines have suddenly changed their focus now that security’s all the rage. Maybe it’s the job market? A friend told me recently that he believes why these people are cropping up everywhere is because they’re unemployed are trying to stay connected. Maybe so…

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I know you can eventually become an expert in something by diving in and getting your hands dirty over an extended period of time like I talked about here and here. But does throwing up blog and having a Twitter presence without any real education, training or field experience count? Just because you’re good with words and maintain a strong online presence doesn’t automatically make you an expert…in anything.

    Maybe I’m missing something.