• Questions posed to me about information security careers

    21 Aug 2008

    This is something I’m going to start doing more of on my blog…That is, posting questions regarding security careers that people email to me along with my responses back to them. I think this is something that many of you might benefit from.

    Here’s a recent one from a software engineer with three years experience:
    “…I work creating Web sites. I want to be an expert in information security for Web-based systems. I would appreciate your guidance.”

    My response was the following:
    “…Being a software engineer puts you in a good position to do Web security work. For starters, you should check out my book Hacking For Dummies as well as the books Hack Notes: Web Security Portable Reference and Hacking Web Applications Exposed. All three cover ethical hacking and Web apps. Then you could look into getting a certification such as Certfied Ethical Hacker, one of the SANS GIAC certs, etc. and eventually maybe the CISSP. Also, be sure to check out my blog at securityonwheels.com/blog, my past articles, etc. at www.principlelogic.com/resources.html, and my audio programs at securityonwheels.com/audio.html.”