• A good resource for getting your name out there…

    24 Dec 2007

    Over the years writing and speaking have proven very useful for marketing myself and establishing my credibility in the information security field. But you can’t just write or speak abd expect everyone to all of a sudden know about you…You’ve got to keep your name out in front of people – in plain sight…all the time.

    If you work for yourself (or aspire to in the near future), you’ve got to hone your marketing skills. Here’s a good resource for doing just that. It’s a book published by Wiley called The New Rules of Marketing and PR:

    I hope these marketing concepts help you in the new year…I’m certainly going to be digging into this book to see what more I can be doing.

    Speaking of that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

    Until 2008…

    All the best,