Incident response and contingency planning

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  • Responding to Malware Outbreaks with a Solid Response Plan - If your network controls and practices aren't air tight, a malware infection is inevitable in the Windows environment. When an outbreak does occur, it doesn't mean you have to react emotionally and run around like your hair is on fire. A solid malware response plan, which includes a dependable toolkit, is the only way to respond, eradicate and move on with minimal costs and downtime. In this webcast, I discuss how to put a reliable malware response plan in place so that you and your users can focus on the business at hand instead.
  • Lose Your Data in 24 Simple Steps - There are many ways for organizations to go about losing their information. This webcast presents two dozen (tongue-in-cheek) methods to ensure the utmost in information insecurity. Based on the highly popular and entertaining article The 21 Best Ways to Lose Your Information.