• Understand how to motivate your users

    26 Mar 2008

    Are you having trouble getting users on board with information security? Maybe you can’t get past the “IT bad guy” or “Big Brother” labels? If you’re going to get your employees on your side, you’ve got figure out what actually motivates them.

    Here’s the deal: your employees have one of two modes of operation..two ways of thinking:

    1. The desire to gain something and move ahead in their jobs
    2. The fear of losing something and falling behind in their jobs

    I’ve found that most people are motivated to help the business if their reasons for doing so are communicated the right way. In other words, they clearly know what’s expected of them. You’ll have to fine tune your content and approach but think about this when communicating with your employees – it works!

    Oh, you can use this method when selling security to management, and better yet, at home with your children and better half to boot!