• Low information users and the challenges they create

    12 Nov 2013

    Thanks to the political elite and the dumb masses they inspire, you’ve probably heard the term low information voter…In a nutshell, this term refers to people making a critical decision without knowing all the facts.  As Winston Churchill once said “The best case against Democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

    Interestingly, this concept and quote make me think of information security and why we need to prepare ourselves for today’s threats. Have a five minute conversation with an average user on your network. Talk to them about what they do and don’t do, the decisions that they’re making regarding their computer usage, and so on and it will likely become clear that we have a problem that we must solve.

    If you’re looking for answers to this human psychology challenge, here is a piece I wrote with tips for getting (and keeping) users on your side with IT and security. (former link to SearchWinIT.com)

    Check out a related piece I wrote for Rapid7’s blog:
    Why business execs know more about security than you do

    Best of luck! Keep in mind that sticktuitiveness is the key to all of this.