Network security and insider threats

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  • Securing Endpoints the Right Way - Securing your endpoints is not a one time deal but rather a part of a larger strategy for improving service, lowering costs, and minimizing business risks. View this videocast to learn the steps you must take secure your endpoints. Topics covered include real world endpoint vulnerabilities, misconceptions and oversights related to endpoint security, security dos and don'ts regarding technology and operations, and three pillars of endpoint security: Vulnerability management, data protection, and compliance


  • New technologies for IP protection - In an increasingly electronic world, employees can easily download sensitive corporate data onto a portal storage device, e-mail out confidential files or even post proprietary information in a discussion forum or blog. Network-layer security technologies typically don’t scan for access control policy breaches on host servers and desktops. That's where a new breed of host-based content monitoring tools comes in. This technology monitors individual machines to ensure that employee behavior adheres to corporate security policy. In this webcast I explore how this host-based technology works.